What Our Members are Saying:

The instruction is high quality and professional. Our son Tyler truly enjoys the classes, the instructors and his fellow students. He has learned not only ATA skills, but also life and leadership skills. This is not just a school, but it’s like an extension of our family. It’s one of the best things we’ve done for our son!  

Jason and Stephanie Jennings

Hockmans ATA is a great facility to learn taekwondo and self defense but also a great organization that fosters personal skill development. Serena (our daughter) loves Ms. Henson and Mr. Hockman who provide a positive and fun environment which enhances her confidence in herself. My wife and I enjoy Hockman’s ATA as it reinforces personal responsibility, self esteem, discipline, respect, and honor – life long skills to enhance our daughter’s life. Every day they develop new skills to cope and conquer problems that they may face such as peer pressure, bullies, dishonesty, and low self esteem. Paisli (our oldest daughter) also took lessons at Hockman’s ATA for several years and said that ” Mr. Hockman and Ms. Henson taught us skills to treat our parents and teachers with respect, to develop a positive attitude, and how to treat other kids correctly.” Words from a 9 year old says it all…..

Patrick Ivey Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Performance University of Missouri MIZ – SEC

This is more than a place to workout, more than a school of martial arts, it’s a family. I can’t imagine being any other place. I’m grateful for the caring instructors who always push you and all the amazing students pushing themselves every day.     Thank You!

Stephanie Curry

Our son started Taekwondo two years ago. Alex has grown confidence in himself, as well as, greater respect for himself and others. This is due to the discipline that is instilled and confidence that the instructors have in him. Hockman’s ATA West has an outstanding instructor that cares for his students and their success. Mr. Knopke has set expectations for the students and pushes them to do their best to meet these expectations. The students are not only taught forms, weapons, and self defense. They are taught something even greater. That is it does not matter how strong you are or how well you know your required material. It all comes for the heart and mind. These build great character in a person. We have seen the change in our son over the last couple of years that reflects what is being taught. We view the families and instructors at the school as a family. Hockman’s ATA is an outstanding martial arts school‼ We would recommend it to anyone wanting to go into martial arts. We have seen growth in our son and other children that attend the school. The instructor sets expectations for the students and pushes them to do their best to meet these expectations. If the students are unable to meet these expectations they are not allowed to test for their next belt. By doing this children are taught that they have to work to earn what they want. All parts of Taekwondo are taught at this school which leads to great character. The instructors and the students are like one big family to us. We believe that this has been one of the best things that our son has been involved in.

Stacy and Amy Young

I am writing this letter to inform you of what a professional and civic minded person that Jade Hockman is for the Columbia, Missouri community. I have personally seen him ‘in action’ with his students and he is nothing but a constant leader and teacher of these children and adults who want to achieve something greater than themselves. Specifically, I would like to let you know about the tremendous effort that he has given to our patients and families at our new Children’s Hospital at the University of Missouri. We recently moved to a new facility and were in the midst of a large fundraising effort to help make that dream home possible. Jade was very curious about this effort and knew many of his students had been patients at our hospital. He decided to embark on a quite ambitious goal of raising $25,000 to help us build our new hospital. We were thrilled and happy to help him achieve this goal. Jade created a Board Break-A-Thon fundraising event that has raised over $23,000 in just two short years! We have named a nursing station for the students of Hockman’s ATA because of this generous gift. His entire family became involved in the project and even posed for pictures to place on the posters that we created to promote the event. He has an extremely kind and supportive family, another attribute that serves him quite well with this students and business. Jade persevered with a never before done event and was successful 3 years ahead of schedule. I have very much enjoyed working with Jade and his students over the past two years and looking forward to working with him for many more to come. He exemplifies The Songahm Spirit of the Taekwondo oath. We are honored and humble to have Jade and his students helping our smallest of patients at MU Health Care.

Kellie Ann Coats Development Officer – MU Health Care

Thank you for presenting the self defense seminar at our support staff training. Once again it proved to be one of the most popular and well received sessions of the entire conference. All of the attendees at the conference were asked to complete an evaluation of the course and each session, rating them excellent, good, fare or poor, and had the opportunity to add any relevant comments. Of the evaluations completed, the self defense seminar was rated as excellent on 46 and good on 6. The attendees also made the following comments:

  • I loved having this again this year.
  • Loved it! Needed and wanted to learn that.
  • I hope to have this at future conferences.
  • I sat and watched but still received a lot of information
  • Excellent, enjoyed it so much. Learned a lot about caring for myself in bad situations.
  • Always LOVE this presentation. Excellent info and presented well. They are very caring gentlemen.
  • This was great. Learned lots of self defense moves and encouragement.
  • Very good presentation.
  • Lots of fun!
  • They make very valid points about personal safety. I would attend again if offered.
  • Great class! Thank you!
  • Good stuff to know!
  • More than excellent! Great to see most people participate.
  • This class was fun, informative and all around great!
  • Always enjoy this class, very informative.
  • A lot of fun.
  • It was good to watch.
  • Good stress reliever!
  • Fun and very educational.
  Clearly, the attendees enjoyed this session and got a lot of great information. Four attendees noted that this session was the thing they most enjoyed about the conference. Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present at our conference. I’ll look forward to working with you on future events.

Susan Glass Deputy Director/Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

My name is Eric K, I am 55 years old and was told by my Doctor the first of February that my Blood pressure and cholesterol were too high. The Doctor wanted to put me on meds for both conditions. I have always been healthy and active. The past two years, I have been working a lot and neglecting my health. This was my wake up call. I told the Doctor, give me 6 months and if things aren’t better I will go with your meds. My wife myself and some friends joined the Krav Maga class at Master Hockman’s ATA . Wow, what an intense workout. I flashed back to my youth in Football and my time in the Army. I was a little intimidated by the thought of doing something like this at my age but after the first class. I was so psyched. I was hooked. The instruction is simple, the instructors are the greatest. Each one bringing their own style to the workout. The best news of all came this summer and what I was able to do with my cholesterol and Blood pressure. I feel great physically and I feel re-energized in my life mentally. Now I come to Master Hockman’s and train hard and leave safe! Master Hockman, Thank you!

Eric K. BSN RN

I’ve been stationed and deployed to multiple locations now (in the past 9 years) and I’m realizing how difficult it is to find a good martial arts school. I really miss the days that I trained/worked for you guys! I’ve been trying to get back into it since my two boys want to start Taekwondo…but it has been difficult to find a place that measures up to the level of professionalism and family atmosphere that your schools always displayed. I wish I could transport the school out here Thanks again for providing those building blocks and helping to shape my future!

V/r, Kim Woodcock (formerly Pyle)